Room Reservation

Rooms at The Co-Op

In addition to drop-in workspaces in our lounge, The Co-Op has a variety of classrooms and meeting spaces available for members to rent for free.

Classroom & Event Spaces Details

Room 110

Capacity: 15-35
Room 110 is the ideal space for small classes and group gatherings.
This 21’x25’ room is equipped with a 52” monitor/TV screen.

Room 111

Capacity: 25-49
Room 111 is the ideal space for art classes and other non-culinary group activities that require easy cleanup. This room is equipped with tile floors, a utility sink, tall, counter-heightt tables, and stools.

Room 112

Capacity: 25-49
Room 112 is the perfect space for group gatherings where food will be served. This room is equipped with a kitchen sink and serving counter.

Community Lounge/Tech Lounge

Capacity: 50+
The Community Lounge is the ideal space for special events and large group gatherings.

Meeting/Video Conference Room

Capacity: 4-6
The Conference Room is perfect for team meetings and video conference calls. This 10×10′ room is equipped with a computer and 52″ monitor/TV screen.

Connect Rooms (Private Offices)

These two private offices are ideal for individual and small teams. The Co-Op has three, 5×7’ offices equipped with a computer, monitor and ethernet internet connection.

Room Request

To request a room, please complete the form below. You will receive and email confirming your room reservation.